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  Sitemap Footer

Sitemap Footer


Sitemap Footer for SellerDeck organises the footer area of your website to enhance usability, helping both visitors and search engine spiders to find information about your website.


Sitemap Footer

Remote Installation Service


For SellerDeck (Actinic desktop) Version 9 & Above
Import the template file using SellerDeck's import wizard. No Technical Expertise Required
Organise The Footer Area Of Your Website
Enhance the overall design of your website and promote your website pages to page visitors
Switch On or Off - Choose Which Links Are Shown
Text is automatically generated from your section & sub section titles
Sitemap Footer for SellerDeck Benefits:

• Can increase page clicks and views! Makes visitors aware of every section of your website
• Saves visitors time
• Saves visitors having to click on your sitemap page
• Enhances design

• Delivered to you electronically
• Import using SellerDeck (or Actinic Desktop) import wizard
• Easy to follow instructions supplied
• Free 1 *incident general support credit
• Licenced to one website only contact us to bulk buy

Please see our Client Support section for full details of support provided

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