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  Facebook Shop Features

Open a Facebook shop and start converting Facebook users into paying customers today!

Set up a storefront in any language and upload inventory in minutes

•Leverage the Facebook advertising platform to create highly targeted campaigns that maximize ROI.

•Manage inventory, sales, discounts, and reviews using an automated, full-featured e-commerce platform.

•Maximize brand awareness by customizing your storefront's banner, ads, skins, and more.

•Engage existing and potential clients with fully customizable interactive catalogs.

•Grow your client base by offering coupons, discounts, and Group Offers that your clients can share with their networks of friends.

•Build customer fidelity with 'fan-only' coupons and discounts.

•Update your inventory using your XML data feed.

Facebook Shop Features

Storefront Features

Latest Feature Added:

Promote Items
You are now able to publish and share any item from your store directly on your fan page wall. This enables you to easily promote your items and drive more traffic to your store

Checkout the features that determine why this Facebook Storefront is so popular:

Marketing Functionality

•Storefront clients have the choice to setup and manage their own Group Offers directly from their Facebook storefront.
•Discounts to users who become fans of the Brand's Facebook page.
•Users can share, like, recommend and comment on each individual store item.

•Vast choice of 'skin' color.
•Ability to upload a custom designed store banner and promotional banner.
•Choice of languages and the ability to request additional languages via our Customer Support.
•Storefront button and skin customization (on request).
Store Management

•Catalog upload in the following formats:
•CSV via the Shop Admin Interface
•Excel via the Shop Admin Interface
•Individual, item by item, creation and editing
•CSV via FTP with automatic update option
•XML via URL with automatic update option
•Three image sizes for each individual product image uploaded
•Product category and sub-category creation
•Product attributes for fashion items
•User comment moderation
•Complete product search for simple user navigation
•Inventory management
•Add administrators to manage the Shop Manager
•Preview changes before publishing the Storefront
Order Management

•Order generated email on receipt and despatch
•Order management interface
Cashier Management

•Choice of cashier within Facebook or link to webstore cashier
•Customized shopping cart, meaning merchants can add notes and fine print within the shopping cart

•Setup your store to sell real items or digital / virtual goods.

Group Offer Features

How can you use a Group Offer Feature to accelerate your business?

•Boost sales of specific items you want to promote to targeted markets.
•Create 'Fan Only' group offers and increase your Fan base to increase interaction with potential customers even before the point of purchase.
•Convert your fans into paying customers, while generating buzz for your business.
•Motivate your customers to spread the word on your products to their networks of Facebook friends.
•Increase brand loyalty. Set your own parameters, including minimum number of buyers and expiry date.

What is the Group Offer Feature? The Group Offer Feature enables merchants to offer discounts on specific items in their catalogues that go into effect once there are a minimum number of buyers. For example, a product is listed for $10. You, the retailer, stipulate that if a minimum of 100 units are sold, the unit price will be $8. Facebook is the ideal destination for these kinds of group-buy offers. The extended networks of Facebook friends and fans sharing purchasing preferences make group-buy offers easy to implement, while increasing sales and brand loyalty.

Does promoting a group-buy offer really make a difference? Yes! As of 2010, 67% of online adults look for coupons for online stores, and 90% of group-buy offers get redeemed. In fact, in the U.S. group-buy revenues were estimated at $350-400 M. last year. (*Statistics taken from social commerce webinar hosted by Opus Research and Internet2go.)

Although third-party group-buy sites are popping up everywhere, why not make a group-buy offer right on your Facebook storefront? Offering your clients group buys straight from you, rather than through a third party, will increase your revenue, give you full control over analytics, and create buzz for your Facebook shop.

In addition, you set your own parameters! It is up to you to decide the minimum number of customers and closing expiry time of the offer.

Moreover, your group-buy offers are displayed on your affiliates' Facebook storefronts, and Zibaba will synchronize the sales! Social affiliates expand your market reach and secures your chances of hitting monthly sales goals.

Make the most of social-media marketing and set up a Group-buy Offer today! To create a Group offer, go to the Open A Store and click on the 'Group Offer' tab.

• How do I register for the Group-offer Feature? Once you open your store, go to the Group Offer tab in the Shop Manager.

• How much does the Group-offer Feature cost? Adding the Group-offer Feature to your shop is FREE! There is, however, a CPA (determined by category when you apply for the Group-offer Feature) on group-buy sales. Please Note: There is absolutely NO CPA on regular sales.

• How do I upload and edit my Group-offer products or services? You create Group Offers in the 'Group offer' tab in the Zibaba Shop Manager. You are allowed access to the Zibaba Shop Manager and emailed an easy-to-follow tutorial when you sign on to a plan.

• How do I give a quote to a buyer? Once you have created and set the parameters for a Group Offer on a particular item, the Group Offer appears right on your storefront.

• How is a Group-offer transaction processed? Zibaba charges the buyers only once the minimum number of buyers is reached, and payment goes directly to the merchant. If the minimum number is not reached within the time frame set by the merchant, Zibaba does not charge the buyers.

• What if I don't have a product in stock after payment has gone through? You can always refund your customers through your PayPal account.

• Does Zibaba charge commission for Group-offer transactions? Yes, Zibaba exacts a CPA that is determined by category and that you can see when you apply for the Group-offer Feature.

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