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   Guide :: Dedicated Servers


How long will it take for my Dedicated Server to be set up?

All Dedicated Servers are set up automatically once your payment has been processed. As your server is automatically built for you with the operating system of your choice, you should expect your server to be available 30 - 60 minutes after you have placed your order. If you order cPanel it can take about 30 minutes longer while cPanel is automatically set up for you.

Can I still buy and manage my domains with you?

Certainly, our system is set up to make managing your domains and Dedicated Server as simple as can be.

Do you charge a set up fee?

No, we don't charge any set up fees.

How can I pay for my dedicated server?

For Dedicated Servers our preferred payment method is by direct debit and our pricing policy reflects this. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, Maestro (Switch), Solo, Visa Electron and Visa Delta via PayPal or you can pay via Cheque.

Do I get an invoice?

Yes. Invoices are sent via email.

Do you charge VAT?

Yes, all prices are plus VAT at 17.5%.

Is there a contract for Dedicated Servers?

There is a minimum term of 12 months from the day you order a server.

What type of hardware do you use?

All our servers are genuine Dell Servers. If you are comparing our servers to other providers, please be aware that many companies make "homemade" servers using home computer motherboards in fabricated boxes.

What level of access do I have to my server?

You will have full root or administrator privileges to manage and access your server.

How many IP addresses do I get with my server?

We set up one IP address as standard and you can add another for free by clicking the option in the "Manage Dedicated Servers" area of your control panel. If you need more IP addresses after that you can buy these from us.

Do I have to run my own name servers?

No, you can continue to use our name servers. Simply update your A Name and C Name records to point at your server. If you want to run your own you are welcome to do so.

Is there any software installed on the server to help me configure it?

Yes, if you have chosen our Linux CentOS installation then we automatically install WebMin. WebMin is a web based control panel that allows you to do system administration tasks such as configure Apache or set up users. If you are selling web hosting or want the easiest management possible then we would suggest you add cPanel to your server.

I need to reboot my server, how can I arrange this?

You can reboot your server any time you like. Just visit the "Manage Dedicated Servers" area of your control panel and click the real time reboot option.

Do you offer a backup service?

Yes, you can buy space in 10GB and 100GB blocks. Our backup service makes the space available as a network drive on your server so you can copy files to the space manually or you can use your favourite backup program.

How much bandwidth do I get?

Your server comes with a 10Mb connection to the Internet (10240 Kbps), It's just like having your own leased line. You can transfer as much data as you like within your 10Mb line. Don't get this confused with your broadband at home or work; you don't share your 10Mb with anyone else. 10Mb is a huge amount of bandwidth which can support a very busy website, it roughly translates to 2560GB of bandwidth a month.

Do you have any restrictions on what I can use my server for?

No, as long as anything you do on the server abides with UK law, then you are free to use the server for any purpose.

Can I use my server to host videos, stream audio or store large backups?

Yes, you can use your server for any purpose you need.

Where will my server be located?

Your server will be based in our UK Data Centre.

Does the server run RAID disk mirroring?

Yes, all our servers are set up with hardware level RAID mirroring. In the unlikely event of a disk failure, this means your server will continue to operate normally. We will be notified of the disk failure and will replace the broken disk for you with no cost or impact to your data or service.

Can I run Plesk/cPanel/Helm etc?

Yes you can run any software you like, it is your server. You should contact the software vendor directly to purchase your software unless you would like cPanel as we can install this for you.

Can you install Microsoft SQL 2008 Web Edition?

Yes, Microsoft SQL 2008 Web Edition is the latest version of MS SQL and it is aimed just at web servers. We can install this fully licensed.

Can I have Windows Server Standard 2008?

Yes, Windows Server Standard 2008 is available for an additional fee on any Windows dedicated server.

Technical Support

I have rebooted my server and I still can't connect to it, what should I do?

Contact a member of our customer services team via your control panel and we will investigate the issue. If there is a hardware problem we will fix this for you.

I need some help with set up on an application such as Apache or Exim can you help?

Yes we can, but as you would expect we have to make a charge for this service. You can ask us for a no obligation quote from the "Manage Dedicated Servers" area of our control panel. For the simplest way to manage your server we reccomend that you purchase cPanel.

I need to re-install the operating system on my server; can you do this for me?

Yes, you can rebuild your server to the standard configuration at the click of a button! Visit the "Manage Dedicated Servers" section of your control panel for details.

Can you configure a secure server/SSL certificate on my server for me?

Yes we can set up SSL on your server for you including all configuration and installing the certificate. We offer 3 different types of certificates:

Simple SSL
Low cost security ideal for any small business website.

Standard SSL
Perfect for business start ups & small sites looking for personalised security & to give visitors extra reassurance.

ExtendedVerification SSL
Maximum security with the green address bar & a warranty of $150,000

Can I install my own SSL certificate on my server?

Yes, as you have root/Administrator access you can install any software/certificates you like.

View Our SSL Certificate Options

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