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  SellerDeck Business Plus

 Multi Site & Multi User Capabilities
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• Easy to use Windows Interface
• Flexible product catalogue
• Customisable store design and layout
• Sophisticated order processing
• Sophisticated customer management

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Sophisticated Features
Sophisticated Features
Advanced Marketing Features
Advanced Merchandising Features
Intergration with Other Systems
Multi User Management
Multi Site Management

Actinic Features & Comparison Chart

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 Key Features

 Mail Order/Phone Order Form
 Mail Order/Phone Order Form
Saves time
Improves customer service
Reduces delivery failure rates

 Advanced Marketing
 Advanced Marketing
Quanitity or product specific discounts
Also brought lists
 Multi User & Multi Site Management
 Multi User & Multi Site Management
Manage simultaneously on 4 networked PCs
Manage multiple online stores

Multi Site & Multi User Management

Actinic Business Plus enables order processing and catalogue content management simultaneously on multiple networked PCs (up to 4 users) together with the ability to manage multiple online stores with a single licence. Actinic Business Plus is supplied with a single user licence as standard with the option of adding up to 3 additional users (additional licence cost).

 Efficient Order Processing & Customer Management
The design module provides complete flexibility to design your store in the way you want to. Select and amend from a range of pre-designed themes, mix and match elements from the design library and edit colour schemes, fonts and layouts to create your own unique, customised store. Preview your site in real-time as you go.

 Advanced Marketing & Merchandising Features
Actinic Business provides all the marketing and merchandising features included in Actinic Catalog together with some significant enhancements to assist in growing your online business.

Use sophisticated merchandising techniques to increase sales including multiple use coupons, ‘buy one get one free’, discounts based on quantity or specific products ordered and ‘Also Bought’ lists to show products others have purchased.
 Intergration with Other Systems
Actinic Business Plus provides integrations with Sage 50 Accounts software and Actinic EPOS for businesses with a physical retail shop. These facilities allow the transfer of orders and other data between the systems to assist in improving operation of your business

 System Requirements
Vendor PC
• Windows 7, Vista or XP(service pack 2)
• 1GB RAM (2GB for Windows 7 and Vista)
• Minimum 1 GHz processor recommended (2 GHz or faster for sites with over 5000 products)
• Internet Explorer 6 or higher
• 120MB available hard disk space
• 65536 colour display recommended

Web site
• Windows, UNIX, or Linux Server
• Perl 5.006001 or later (MD5 Perl module recommended)
• User-writable CGI bin
• CGI and main FTP users should be the same
• Min. 20MB process memory recommended

 Specialist Hosting for Actinic
 Specialist Hosting for Actinic
» Unlimited Webspace
» Unlimited Bandwidth
» Unlimited Mail Boxes
» Unlimited Webmail
» Web & IPhone Control Panels

Only £8.99 per month

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About Us
As Accredited Actinic developers with over 14 years of Actinic expertise, our industry leading Templates and Plugins continue to deliver results. Whether you are building your first Actinic website and need an Actinic Template or Actinc plugins for increased sales on your existing Actinic webstore, we have the solution to make your Actinic website a success.

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